Nothing interrupts your life quite like pain does, and it’s a common complaint for patients coming in to visit our doctor. Your pain could be a result of any number of conditions, both chronic and acute, and Dr. Layne Hermansen is here to help you find the pain management options that are right for you and your body. After an initial assessment to determine the quantity and longevity of your pain, as well as the potential sources and the personal factors that may affect your treatment, he will explain your at-home and in-office treatment options and help you create a pain management plan that reduces your discomfort and improves your ability to function.

Some of the common types of pain we treat are:

Your pain may manifest as any of the following:

  • A dull ache or throbbing
  • Soreness or stiffness
  • Stinging or shooting pain
  • Squeezing pain
  • Burning pain
  • Muscle spasms or tension

Depending on the specific condition causing you pain, our doctor may recommend a medicinal or therapeutic solution to break the pain cycle, such as trigger point injections. A trigger point is a concise area of knotted muscle that remains tense and aches and can pull your spine out of alignment. Sometimes the trigger point knot adds pressure to nerves causing pain to radiate through the neck and back, and down the arms or legs or even in the heel. Whatever the cause, at My Family Doctor, your comfort and safety are always at the heart of what we do! To learn more about pain management in Draper, Utah, and to schedule your visit with our doctor, feel free to call our office at 801-542-7111 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you get back to your life!

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