Here at My Family Doctor, our caring doctor and team are committed to keeping you physically and mentally healthy. We are here to lend support and treatment for those struggling with ADD and ADHD, anxiety and depression. With an appointment with Dr. Layne Hermansen, he may perform a physical examination with lab work for an official diagnosis and treatment for these health conditions. Treatment may include a prescribed medication or other options to help manage symptoms.

We strongly recommend seeking care for mental health if you:

  • Struggle with concentration at work and school
  • Experience symptoms that are interfering with social life and job performance
  • Have difficulty sleeping at night
  • Feel anxious or worried almost daily
  • Have constant mood swings
  • Lose your appetite
  • Battle with negative self-talk

Being open and talking about mental illness with a doctor can be difficult. But it is one of the bravest first steps you can take to start getting better. Also, if you find a prescribed medication is not the right answer for you, our doctor can refer you to a licensed therapist to work through your thoughts and behaviors.

To schedule an appointment at My Family Doctor and learn more about treatment for mental health in Draper, Utah, please call 801-542-7111. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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