One of the easiest ways to check in on your health is to come in for a routine physical exam here at My Family Doctor. During your exam, Dr. Layne Hermansen will look for signs of chronic diseases and ask questions about your lifestyle habits, medical history and issues with your physical or mental health you have started to notice lately. If necessary, our doctor may also suggest performing lab work to receive an official diagnosis on your health condition to provide treatment. This may be a urine or blood test depending on the severity of your symptoms.

To prepare for your physical, we recommend you:

  • Make a list of current medications and supplements you are taking
  • Be open about your physical and emotional health challenges
  • Let us be aware of any allergies and previous surgeries
  • Come up with a list of questions you would like to ask
  • Wear comfortable clothing

By attending your routine physical, you will be able to catch signs of disease early on to help with prevention and to make any lifestyle changes. These may be improvements to your diet, exercise routine, sleeping patterns and more. To schedule a general physical with our doctor in Draper, Utah, please call us at 801-542-7111.

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