Do you find yourself worrying about everyday situations and experiencing frequent panic attacks? If so, you may have an anxiety disorder. With a visit to our office, our doctor, Dr. Layne Hermansen, will be able to discuss your anxious thoughts and feelings to develop a personal treatment plan to help you start feeling better.

Common signs you may have anxiety are:

  • Avoiding social interaction with others
  • An increased heart rate when speaking up in a room of people
  • Constantly thinking about the worst-case scenario
  • Feelings of fear and nervousness about the past or future
  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Trouble focusing on the task at hand because of being more fixated on the present worry
  • Sweating palms and heavy breathing
  • Fatigue and digestive problems

When Should I See a Doctor About Anxiety?

We strongly recommend coming to see a medical professional if you:

  • Start to experience suicidal thoughts and behaviors. If so, please seek emergency care right away.
  • Feel depressed and use unhealthy distractions as an avoidance mechanism.
  • Worry too much that your anxiety is affecting your interpersonal relationships, job performance and daily activities.

If these sounds like you, please contact us here at 801-542-7111, to get in to see Dr. Layne Hermansen here at My Family Doctor for anxiety treatment in Draper, Utah.

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