During a health checkup here at My Family Doctor, our doctor will perform a blood pressure reading to determine if you have high blood pressure. After he runs this test, two numbers will appear with your results. The top number indicates the pressure of blood flow to when your heart is pumping blood and the bottom number shows us how much pressure occurs between heartbeats. A high blood pressure falls at 130 or higher for the top number and 80 or higher for the bottom.

If Dr. Layne Hermansen sees your results reach this number or higher, he may prescribe medication or a diuretic to help manage your blood pressure. At the end of your appointment, our doctor may recommend a follow-up visit to see how treatment is working and make any adjustments.

Why Should I Seek Treatment?

If high blood pressure is not treated, you are suspectable to developing serious health conditions such as:

  • A stroke or heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure

Causes for high blood pressure may be high sodium intake, genetics and diabetes.

To help manage your blood pressure levels for you to feel better, we encourage you to call us at 801-542-7111 to schedule an appointment with our doctor for high blood pressure treatment in Draper, Utah.

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